The Hawkesbridge Lions

Cardago “Tank” 141 Warforged Fighter Zac
Fagrin “Puck” Bronzebottom Dwarf Artificer Tank’s trusted companion
Candle Wormwood Elf Avenger Chris
Linarlic of House Sivis Revanant Cleric Paul
Honeydew Limmerick Halfling Rogue Avis
Na’Gathgil Ocar’en Grey Eladrin Wizard Mark

The Hawkesbridge Lions are an adventuring party with a Letter of Commission from Prince Alexander Alphatia. Formally, their Captain is Cardago 141 but the group is largely run by consensus.

Cardago, Puck, Candle, Honeydew, and Na’gathgil had been adventuring together for some time before meeting Linarlic in the town of Hawkesbridge at Jesting Sweetheart Tavern. After stopping some evil menace Lord Mayor Soandso arranged for them to receive their commission.


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