Linarlic of House Sivis, Roaming Cleric of the Raven Queen

Half-Orc Cleric


Wears perfectly clean traveling robes around town and when traveling wears armor and his longsword slung low on his back.

Often smiles big toothy grins in the hopes of avoiding actually speaking.

When eating, he can often be seen hunched over his meal enjoying elven wines and fare and curiously uses cutlery with an uncharacteristic ease not normally seen of orc.


Past Life – Second Avatar of the ancient Eladrin Race…stayed with the Dragonborn and Desert Eladrin during the Age of Dragons. Died during the final days of the conflict 26 years ago defending the remains of the cities, ultimately unifying the remaining Eladrin and Dragonborn races. Unbeknownst to Linarlic, his past life’s death was arranged by Avandra, to whom the Second Avatar paid homage and offered many sacrifices. Removing the Second Avatar from the proverbial picture ensured certain events could unfold without her interference. To make amends to the Raven Queen to whom the Second Avatar had brought many souls, Avandra offered her Second Avatar in service until such time that once again the Goddess of Thieves required her services. The Raven Queen accepted knowing she would once again have souls ushered to her gates.

Linarlic of House Sivis, Roaming Cleric of the Raven Queen

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