The Epic of Aerth

World Creation

(World unfurled…and it is indeed flat with wedged shapes-in-side) 3d6 were selected by all with one dominant Determine Turn order – (In attendance _ Bruce, Zac, Avis, Paul, Chris, Mark) Scale – one side of a square is 50 miles (example was provided: Hamilton Country is roughly 1/4 of a 50 mile square) Brendel and Delovar (???) initial adventure setting, geographically speaking – untouchable Coastline and all other land masses are mutable 1” is four squares End with less than four points per turn earns a bonus of one point for your next turn

Age I Bruce – 9 points – creates mountains along the Eastern map face, creates hills, mountain pass Zac – 5 points – create floating mountains (earth motes), keeps 2 +1 next turn Avis – 6 pts – creates mountains, keeps 3 +1 next turn Paul – 5 pts – creates large crater, keeps 2 +1 next turn Chris – 4 pts – creates inland sea, keeps 1 +1 next turn Mark – 8 pts – creates forest, keeps 2 +1 next turn

Mark – 3 pts – added more trees Chris – 7 pts -finished inland sea with island, added forest Paul – 5 pts – creates mountains feeding both inland sea and crater (waterfall) Avis – 7 pts – mountain climate become very cold Zac – 6 pts – climate earth motes – tropical Bruce – 7 pts – creates mountains and forests

Bruce – 11 pts – bank 11 points Zac – 8 pts – bank Avis – 8 pts – bank Paul – 10 pts – bank Chris – 6 pts – primordial ruins, swamp, peninsula, plains Mark – 7 pts – planted trees

Mark – 10pts – planted trees, more trees Chris – 5 pts – extends plains and forest, added hills Paul – 12pts – creates High Eladrin in desert, created hills and desert north of the crater Avis – 9 pts – creates halflings in mountains Zac – 3pts – banks points Bruce – 9pts – banks points

Bruce – 7 pts – creates humans in nondescript area of world, creates river Zac – 7 pts – creates Warforged in earth motes Avis – 4 pts -hills around mountains Paul – 5 pts – created oasis and more desert Chris – 11 pts – creates subrace of High Eladrin – Elves, more plains and forest Mark – 12 pts – advance Eladrin civilization – Magic, add Order – Mages

Mark – 11 pts – builds a floating city in the air over the oasis, command Order to create the Great Mage Tower Chris – 10 pts – creates forest and plains Paul – 6 pts – create Order within Eladrin society worshiping Avandra – Keeper’s Guild Avis – 4 pts – bank Zac – 11 pts – created Warforged Avatar Bruce -10 pts – expands mountains

Bruce – 7 pts – MORE MOUNTAINS Zac – 9 pts – found city in earth motes (second civilization in the sky), tropical trees along coast near earth motes, Advance City – Techonology-Flight Avis – 5 pts – Advance Civilization – Academy of Lower Learning in mountains (short semesters lots of ADD and Soma medication prescribed) Paul – 7pts – create islands offshore of desert, creates ice-capped mountain, tropical climate within crater Chris – 6 pts – creates mountains and small river dumping into crater, creates plain near mountains Mark – 8pts – Commands Order to create a city within the forest worships Magic deity

Mark – 5 pts – create Eladrin Avatar Chris – 8pts – creates volcano near edge of desert Paul – 10 pts – create Eladrin Avatar of Avandra, Avis – 3 pts – creates hills north of the island Zac – 10 pts – Advance Civilization – Warfare Bruce – 7 pts – creates mountains forests and hills


Bruce – 10 pts – creates Dwarves in mountains, Create Orders Human – Great Church worships Good Pantheon Zac – 3 pts – Create Order – Human Merchant Guild (Gladiatorial Arenas), Command Order (Human Merchants) to build Human/Warforged (called Sharn) Avis – 5 pts – creates Avatar – based fabled Halfling who entered the Eladrin Palace and stole shiney items Paul – 9 pts – Creates city Atlantis-esque, Command City Fleet (Naval Army), Advance civilization – Aquatic, Create Race – Dragons near West coast Chris – 7 pts – Create elven order of forest protectors, Build first elven city in forest near inland sea Mark – 8 pts – built cities – in the big forests to the north, Advance City- War Magic (Forest City)

Mark – 6 pts – Advance forest City I – Healing, Advance Forest City II – Enchantments, War Mage City – Built army of mages Chris – 8 pts – Command City – New Orleans (Elves founded – Center of multicultural trade), Advance Civilization Elves – Nature & Primal Magic Paul – 9 pts – Create subrace – Dragonborn by the Eladrin without consent of Dragons, Create Order – Dragonborn Warrior Caste, Create Order – Smiths (Weapons and Armor) Avis – 9 pts – Catastrophe – Create Dragonborn Army within Eladrin Society Civil War ensues, Create City – Acadmey (hidden in Halfling mountains) Zac – 7 pts – Event – discovers qualities and sources of Adamantiun in earth motes, Create subrace – Formians -slave miners, Create Subrace – Warforged Titans on shore near earth motes Bruce – Humans will expand to hold a great empire in the central plains north of Brendel in plains Orcs invade from great northern forests human (plains) and Eladrin (forest nations)...Warforged joined to combat goblins, limited Titans though due to conflict in west

Goblins between humans and warforged…signifies collapse of human empire

Hill giants (near halfling mountains) battling warforged (titans)

Warforged outposts dot the land throughout the land

Kobolds in the west

Halflings employed in COURTS as anti-terrorism agents, common throughout the world 9and like shinies, value is of no concern)

Age of Dragons – attack civilization including halfling cities too. Halfling mountains become breeding grounds for more dragons. Halflings have been displaced and have become dragon servants

Drow reside within the crater, serve Lloth

Dragonborn take over Eladrin desert. Eladrin displayed to offshore islands. Eladrin’s underwater city was the only city not attacked during the Age of Dragons (High Eladrin). Eladrin Avatar died during the Age of Dragons defending the Eladrin/Dragonborn city during the Age of Dragons, many ruins in desert. Dragonborn and Eladrin are now equals and work together

Half-elves in plains towards east

Gnolls east of crater and central mountain range

Forest Eladrin refused pleas of help from other races (most sophisticated and powerful races), became known as Grey Eladrin. Questionable power source (dead god) infused trees with the soulforce of the god…Magic Order have become less emotional and uncaring, obsessed with only magic. Forest Eladrin race is now seen with disdain and distrust across the land, atheistic in nature.

Humans – Dragonmarks of Eberron (magical tattoos through heredity within humans). Dragonmarked houses are probably some of the only small bastions of nobility of human civilization remaining at the end of the Dragon Wars.

Humans Church of the Silver Flame – worship entity of Silver Flame – Psion of the Silver Flame (Pope), zealous order

Humans can now pilot airships, uniting Warforged and humand races

Age of Dragons ended 26 years ago. Dragons are regrouping after the schism between the Chromatic and Metallic Dragons begin infighting for breeding ground, territory, riches, and resources (food and safety)



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