The Epic of Aerth

Game 2

Session II: February 14, 2010

Encounter – Cardago (Tank) charges across the bridge, Candle follows as they both quickly move toward the pretty Human female…just then to the left of the wooden bridge a four-headed hydra rears its ugly heads from beneath the murky depths in an attempt to surprise the party. As this occurs the pretty human female façade fades into that of an ugly old Crone…and another ugly female appears behind the party gliding through the bog accompanied by giant frogs….We defeat them handily.

Hag 1- Runs away pursued by Honeydew and Candle, who beheads her after following through the nasty bog Hag 2- Runs away after being bloodied by Linarlic. Na’Gathgil criticals with a Magic Missile delivering 29 damage killing her Hydra- Cardago and Puck slay the Hydra Frog1- slain by Na’Gathgil Frog2- submerged after tasting Honeydew’s crossbow bolts

We search the broken wagon and Tank retrieves the horses that had driven themselves into the bog…6 dead hobgoblins are found under the cart and have apparently been there for a week. Each wears the symbol of the Red Hand. Black Flock Robe +3 (armor)- allows the wearer to turn into a flock of ravens as an Immediate Reaction when hit, 8 squares and become insubstantial (Na’Gathgil) Black Shroud Short Sword +2- when reduce the target to 0 ht points you gain concealment (Honeydew) 6 potions-Spirit, 4xElixirs of Fiery Dragon Breathe, Regeneration (Spirit-Candle; Elixir-Cardago, Na’Gathgilx2, Jorr); Regeneration-???) Coins- 322gp, 310sp, 122cp, emerald (divided amongst party members and Jorr) (46gp, 44+sp, 17+cp)

Continue along the Dawn Way another 5-6 miles…we arrive at Vrath Keep around sunset and just beyond the keep lies Cold Creek. Vrath Keep used to be associated with Drellen’s Ferry (village to the south along the road). A Vrath nobleman, from the town, came after the war and attempted to make a name for himself by engaging the Forest Giants held up in the Keep. It is rumored to be haunted and still under control of Forest Giants. The ghost has been seen by Jorr and mentions it resembles a man with a shield.

We rest for the night and the party decides to approach Vrath Keep to vanquish the undead there in accordance with the Raven Queen’s edicts the next morn. The Keep is four walls surrounding a courtyard with a tower and a ramshackle guard building leading up to the now decaying, collapsed wooden gates.

Approaching the Guard house, Candle notices tracks (large canine/wolves, many mini-booted feet, and hoofed bipedal creatures). Guardhouse appeared to be empty with a wooden floor suspended 1-2 feet above the ground as reported by our brave Honeydew. We begin to approach the keep and map drawing commences.

We enter Vrath Keep. A Hobgoblin exits a nearby door, yelling “INTRUDERS” in Goblin, and is quickly slain by Honeydew from the roof of the opposite building. Many Hobgoblins including a caster, Goblins, a Minotaur, two big dogs, and a Manticore (Oh my).

Na’Gathgil laid down a wall of fire blocking the entrance to another building…and later traps the Goblins and Dogs inside by placing a stinking cloud over the opening of the roof condemning them to a slow death by smoke inhalation.

Candle, levels the Minotaur with a striking blow…as the Minotaur falls, it slashes at Candle inflicting a minor wound…many cow jokes were spoken…’Ground beef’ seemed to be the most appropriate.

Manticore is slain by Cardago in a flying Pinning Maneuver, landing the beast in a column of magical fire, leaving the beast immobilized and char-grilled (immolated).

“Down with you foul giants”, speaks Vrath and teleports ready to attack Na’Gahtgil,who had retreated from the battle to the entrance of the Keep.

‘Vrath, why do you consort with such heathen vermin. We have traveled from Rhest to restore your Keep to your good family’s name. Now that we have found you, help us restore your Keep to its previous glory’, solemnly speaks Linarlic to the ghost in the heat of battle. (23 Diplomacy rolled)

Battle Recap -Two Goblins and their wards escaped. -Negotiating with the Vrathian Ghost. -Hobgoblin taken prisoner….What will it say?

EXP – 1508

Stay tuned for next weeks exciting adventure – Hobgob-Kabobs are Burning or Vrath of the Ghostly Terror



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