The Epic of Aerth

Game 1

El Diablo Blanco is our DM.

History – Hawkesbridge back story – The heroic gesture. Mayor knows Prince Alexander Group receives a Letter of Commission with illusory images of each party member.

Retuned to Sharn. Several events occur leading the party south:

  1. Asked by Viceroy Clement (official to Prince Alexander) asked to head south to investigate goblin activity in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. We agree.
  2. Linarlic, Half-orc Cleric of the Raven Queen, House Sivis – charged with delivering a will to Jorr who resides in the Witchwood north of the town called Drellin’s Ferry. His sister has died and has left some large part of her estate to him. Charged with the legal contract.
  3. Na’Gathgil – dressed well Grey Eladrin, very ceremonious in appearance and explains that it is part of his rank/station. Apprentice in the rank of the High Sorcery and must prove himself in order to gain entrance in to the Order with an arcane book chained to his waist. Looking for an artifact-sword Blackrazor, thought found in Sharn, the collector who had he disappeared…and apparently the sword is moving towards the Wyrmsmoke Mountains.
  4. Cardago ‘Tank’ 50 years old, Warforged, bluish hue to armor with a ‘Spock’ like tendency. Slightly more humanoid face than regular Warforged. 8’ tall carries a large gauntlet and large flaring shoulder piece, two fingers and thumb, clawed feet. Carries a banner with stylized dragonwings and an axe depicted with multiple trophies hanging from the banner and belt. Shawl with white trim and intricate Elven script. Dwarven companion ‘Puck’ Bronzebottom artificer and carries a large hammer. Compass points south.
  5. Candle Wormwood – pale, tall, scrawny for an Elf, sharp angular features, a bit homely and loud obnoxious, enters a trance during battle. Rather nice tunic which is the only armor he has a huge 6’ sword. Bit of a show off, demonstrating his prowess in combat, acrobatics, and is very fast. Tank and I have adventured together for 20-26 years. Avenger of Kord – happy-go-lucky God of battle and athletics. Prejudiced against Dragonborn and followers of Bahmout and will go out of their way to prove them (arm wrestle).
  6. Honeydew Limmerick – tiny even for a Halfling. Extremely ‘thievish’. Whimsical, will steal just to steal. Has known Candle her whole life and treats him as an older Brother and had known Tank for almost ever. Left with Candle and Tank at age 10. Likes to walk on walls.

Rhest, north of the Witchwood, battle during the beginning of the Dragon Wars and sank into the swamp. Most of the Elser Vale was left alone, armies matched through but no major battles were fought in this area. Contingent of Dwarves once lived in the area Giant Shields to the North East and WyvernWatch Mountains to the North West. No true commerce in the area or trade between little cities or hamlets and is today mostly populated by humans.

Session I: The Beginning of the End – Aerth – The final frontier, these are the adventures of the Hawksbridge Lions, a myriad band of brave warriors, seeking riches and new ways of living, boldly going where none have traveled in centuries. Let us watch now…

Mid-summer House Sivis has arranged for passage south on an air ship from Sharn that will fly near Brindol, landing long enough for us to disembark, cutting the trip from several weeks to several days.

Two bridges cross over the Elsera River into the Northern entrance of Brindol. As we enter the city, a silver piece apiece to enter the city. Brindol is a bustling city (pop. 5000-10000)…roughly 100 miles to Drellin’s Ferry two days by horse (5 miles per hour, 50 miles per day average). Party purchases horses for 75gp, Linarlic summons his steed by discharging Steed Summons ritual. Head west along the Dawn Way from Brindol through farmland and pass through the town of Talar and end the first day’s journey in a little hamlet called DemonsGap and stay at the Cross-eyed Beholder Inn.

Day Two – Terrilton, dusty little town that smells bad. Anticipate arriving at Drellin’s Ferry by the end of the day.

Occurrence during the day’s travel along the hard packed dirt – The group crests a small hill with a shallow dell on the other side and notices an abandoned farm (Perception checks made) and several spy the glint of mail and a cry is heard. Goblins (Cleric of Tiamat) and hobgoblins (wearing symbols with red hands painted on them) and fiery dog miniatures. Oh my!!! WE are not surprised (double entendre).

Round 1: L-Hymn of Resurgence -2 defenses and +5 temp HP to all group members, N-fireballed hobgoblins, H-peppered hobgoblins with crossbow bolts killing 3. C-killed a goblin and teleported the corpse and himself to another goblin screaming, ‘You are next’.

Found dead humans and guards at farmhouse up the hill with pouch – 355 gp

Drellin’s Ferry Captain Serona of the city guard/militia – requests the party deal with the blockade of hobgoblins and other monsters on the road to Sharn holding the Skol-Gorge Bridge (Dwarven construction). Agree to dispatch the hobgoblin blockade for 500gp a piece, Old Jorr the woodsman may know something about the bridge fortification.

Vrath Keep – north of Drellin’s Ferry but south of Skol-Gorge Bridge Cross river on ferry…7-8 miles up the road we discover a trail, hopefully leading to Old Jorr and come upon a small cabin. Met Jorr (think Grizzly Adams), delivered letter. Na’Gathgil barters with Jorr to send him to Sharn via a teleport spell. Dogs go loose and offers to show us a more obscure route to the Bridge.

Come to a wooden bridge, something comma, large comma, swims beneath the water, and a rather attractive female human woman in a red cape warns us not to cross the bridge after we’ve already begun crossing. A Hydra!!!





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