The Epic of Aerth

Game 7

Session VII: Mercenaries Carry High Holding Costs

DM ‘briskly’ teas himself as appropriate…GLORIOUS!!!

The Hawkbridge Lions debate how to BEST deliver the 6000gp contract to the mercenary dwarves and back track to the trailing leading south. Honeydew collects tokens and trinkets of the fallen contract guards in order to return it to their families back in Brendell.

After traveling through the hills along the not-so-well traveled trail for several hours, (DM rolls an OH MY result on his encounter dice), we notice Mia is very nervous. Puck offers here ale to calm her nerves.

Late in the after, we come out of the hills and we see a great plain off in the distance and notice a small one-story structure and see some activity out front of appears to be a farm house. One of the humanoids is a much larger than the rest. Honeydew moves forward to sneak and spy. She moves forward to discover two hobgoblins, what appears to be an Ogre , and two humans which are hanging from their arms from the rafters of the front porch.

We quickly decide to split the party and approach in a pincer-esque maneuver in an attempt to keep them from running. Na’Gathgil opens a portal from where Cardago, Puck, and Linarlic charge the two hobgoblins and ogre near the cabin. Honeydew and Candle approach form the other side of the cabin. Cardago and Honeydew killed both Hobgoblins quickly. Then several blue dragon-esque creatures, green-spawned razor fiend (looks like a small green dragon with razors for wings), several dragonborn, and more hobgoblins exit the cabin in an attempt to ensnare the party in a carefully laid trap by the Army of the Red Hand. Linarlic slays the bloodied orge in a fatal thrust to the chest. Just then, Mia, now a Drider with the torso of the red headed Mia, yells out, “They are the ones”. Na’Gathgil strikes the final blow with a magic missile against one of the green dragonborn. Drider Mia turns invisible and presumably leaves the battle. Na’Gathgil strikes the final blow with a magic missile against the hobgoblin who had pursued, yet never hit, since the beginning of the initial attack Cardago slays the Green Razorwing Fiend. Candle, Honeydew, and Linarlic pursue Mia…Candle finds her tracks first followed by Linarlic who notices she has changed her form to that of a humanoid. The rest of the party begins to follow the three of us.

We being to search an open field for her as we feel she is still very close and she pops out of hiding attacks Honeydew. After surrounding her she capitulates and screams for mercy. She provides the following information: Kronin, hobgoblin, Mia reported to as a forward observer. Ghost Lord, Lich is supposedly on the side of the Red Hand Army. We remove her Magic Ring of Protection +1 (+1 item bonus to saving throws) and it goes to Candle, 250gp (Rare Herbs), 50gp (Residum). Emblem is borrowed by Linarlic to learn about his “of the Blood” racial lineage. Mia sent to Grey Elves all wrapped up in a box. EXP 973 +120 for healing two characters in consecutive rounds.



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