The Epic of Aerth

Game 6

Session VI: Advancing Horde Crosses

The DM made Ultra sounds…

Concluding the battle, several goblin riders are seen disappearing back into the wood across the river. We weigh our options: - Go away - Swing behind the army to locate their headquarters - Ghost Lord - Elves in the wood and ruins of Rhest - Travel along the road and fight at Brendall

We choose travel toward where we believe the Elves in the wood can be found.

The Hawkbridge Lions takes a short rest and begins to decide our next move and ultimately concur we should fall back and reassess the forces advancing upon Drellin’s Ferry.

We end up traveling south and reach the town of Terrelton where discover a large contingent of injured refugees being tended by Clerics of Pelor. Many of our group attend injured humans and Linarlic approaches a beautiful red-headed woman surrounded by nine hired champions. Linarlic heals her wounds. She introduces herself as Mia. Linarlic heals her wounds while Honeydew asks questions of her past and interest. We ask Mia and her champions to help with the wounded. Several retort they don’t pick bodies off the ground. Honeydew spits on one of the champions boots, “you have to be paid to be a decent person?”…Champion retorts, “there’s not enough money for that”…he rears back and puts Honeydew on her butt with a swift kick. Without hesitation, Cardago slugs the champion, knocking him to the ground, Honeydew quickly rises and places a victorious foot upon the fallen warrior and snickers.

Cardago speaks diplomatically, and Linarlic follows with, “there is no profit in this fight”. The champions pause…we offer to pay them to load the wounded upon wagons. The fallen Champion rises exclaiming, “you will pay for that tin-man”. Candle quickly retorts, “I suggest you have your buddy stand down or I will, by Kord’s beard, kill him.” Champion challenges Cardago who immediately complies with a left hook but misses. The Champion draws his sword and initiative rolls are made. (Na’Gathgil did not start THIS fight). We engage. Cardago lays the champion upon the ground, Linarlic sheds bright light, Honeydew flanks, Mia wraps up the situation with spiderwebs. Cardago speaks, “Stop struggling and you may leave here with both legs.”

Mia the injured red headed woman, releases the nine champions were apparently hired by her brother to protect her, stating, ‘you are released and may keep what I have paid you. Now leave.” She turns and asks if she can travel with us. She agrees to ride with us and says she owes us (Linarlic) a favor.

Mia Sera Knight, from Frenella, my father was a wealthy merchant, now my brother is charged with the business and believes she needs protection. Honeydew notices she is wearing a magical ring. Mia mentions says it is a protection charm.

Linarlic goes with the Clerics of Pelor to begin healing the injured and eventually the clerics leave with the injured on the wagons. Na’Gathgil begins to unleash magic missiles into the boarded up inn to gain access to the empty inn, common room, store room and three rooms of beds. Cardago looks for a high vantage point from whence to watch the open roads. Candle puts the horse in the stable. We all rest in the closed inn.

We wake the next morn and prepare to leave. Na’Gathgil shares with Mia why and where we are traveling. We take the road into the hills and pass a place where there is a substantial trail that travels south which is almost 10 miles outside of Terrelton. We notice several large figures (ettins) and smaller, screeching creatures (goblins not of the Red Hand Army) picking through two overturned wagons, with two LARGE bears. We dismount and prepare to engage them. Mia launches a magic missile and they become aware of our presence. We defeat them handily. We discover four dead bodies. We discover three iron coffers in the back of one of the wagons obviously traveling in the direction away from Brendal. We find three keys in a sachel and a letter. We break the seal and it is written to Eranth Helmbreaker of the Shining Axe Company of the Hammerfist Holds. Puck states Hammerfists are a mercenary group which could have been reached via the trail leading to the south 10 miles outside of Terrelton: Contract: Come to the defense of Brendal and the gold is payment (roughly 6000gp worth of coin and gems).

EXP 916 +100 for healing two or more characters in consecutive



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