The Epic of Aerth

Game 5

Session V: March of Doom and the Footsteps of Titans

DM advertises Lawful Goodiness…we proceed to disbelieve.

Drawing from our vantage point, looking out along the plain near Cinder Hill where the Amy of the Red Hand (thousands) have mobilized, we see the Dawn Way road that now leads to the un-(a)bridged Skull Gorge framed by the sun setting.

As we begin to settle in for the evening while Cardago is prepared to watch the Army throughout the night. Just then a Red Hand band of 14 hobgoblins accompanied by 7 Dragonborn wearing the symbol of Tiamat marching in loose formation pass by the group, who took shelter hiding in the tall grasses of the hill. During the course of the evening, Cardoga notices several blue dragon-esque creatures fly overhead. Honeydew runs messages and additional shrubbery between Cardago and the rest of the party resting in the tree line. The next morn we move after the Army to determine their march direction. By noon, they are roughly half way to Skull Gorge. ‘Where there’s a whip, there’s a way’, thanks JRR.

All flying creatures move to the opposite side of the gorge and begin ferrying troops across. We estimate the process will take up to three days and scouting parties are sent. Na’Gathgil offers to create a portal allowing the party to quickly cross the gorge to retrieve the horses left at the Forest Giant’s camp, all the while the group deliberates over our next move.

Honeydew, Na’Gathgil, and Puck remain on this side of the gorge making poisons for Honeydew to deliver into the army’s food supply. Tank, Candle, Linarlic, and Cardago run to Drellin’s Ferry. Honeydew brings battle to the –itches behind enemy lines. She finds Kharn, a major leader. She hangs around and finds the Grand Dragon Supreme Commander of the Army of the Red Hand. Hanging around listening to various conversations between timed explosions of laid clockwork explosives and poisoning various food stuffs and wine, Honeydew decides to return to Na’Gathgil and Puck.

The party rendezvous at Drellin’s Ferry to find a majority of the town evacuated. We head for the green Apple Inn and meet up with the Speaker and the Captain of the Militia. We inform the town of the impending army marching their way, we mention they are rebuilding the bridge and will be here in less than three days at most. Traps are set, food is poisoned, and we burn the ferry.

The next morn, Cardago sees a wyvern overhead and we decide to hide within the town and ambush the forces. Na’Gathgil sets various buildings on fire. The advance party appears across the river…two giants, goblins riding dogs and others riding larger dogs, and a wyvern. Wyvern attacks, Puck crushes it. We defeat them handily.




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