The Epic of Aerth

Game 3

Session III: The Return of the End, a New Beginning with Blazing Stars

Bruce – (Place Emerald from wagon on someone’s sheet)

We begin to negotiate with the Vrathian Ghost, who turns its attention to putting out the fire…or attempts to as best as an insubstantial being can. ‘I am Amry Vrath. Why did you slay my companions?’, referring to the followers of the Red Hand. Linarlic and Na’Gathgil notice and then dispel the charm placed upon the ghost. ‘I owe you what is kept in my vault’, says Amry Vrath, leading a portion of the party into the tower of the Keep.

In what was a bedroom at the top of the tower, a small shaft with a hidden handle flips up and a dark tunnel leads down with a sturdy rusted ladder. A worked stone room ends at the bottom of the 30’ tunnel. Honeydew secures a rope for everyone’s safety and announces the room below appears safe. Cardago and Candle descend to the room below.

Bluish broach with the white Star of Corellan – Candle and Cardago begin to speak with the broach/medallion…’I am the Emblem and I am at you service’, currently in Candle’s possession. Vrath’s Magic Armor – Darkforge Braidmail +3 (AC+11) Daily/minor action- 6 to all damage until next turn (Puck receives after Na’Gathigil resizes) Vrath’s Magic Sword – Longsword +2 (to Tank for safe keeping) 21 pp, 1287 gp, 982 sp, 322 cp (all counted nicely in steel boxes), 428 gp of arcane components Map of Elsir Vale – red marks written all over map marking days of Red Hand battle plans (Na’Gathgil makes a copy of the map). Jorr marks Forest Giants location on the map.

(6+3pp, 214+3gp, 163+3sp, 53+4cp each)

Interrogated Hobgoblin-Na’Gathgil slays him who mentioned a large Red Hand Horde is north of Skull Gorge. Linarlic performs the death passing ritual for Amry Vrath, returning him to loving breast of the Raven Queen. Na’Gathgil performs a ritual for Honeydew on here weapons exchanging enchantments.

The next morning, Jorr leads the party through woods north of Vrath Keep. The party then argues on whether to enlist the aid of a very old Forest Giant or travel directly to the Skull Gorge Bridge…we circumnavigate the forest giant and move to where we are within one mile of the gorge. We decide to rest.

Sending Jorr to Sharn, via teleportation, with Red Hand Map and a letter from House Sivis signed by myself. The Hawksbridge Lions forward a note to the Prince in Sharn regarding Red Hand Horde and suggests House Sivis disseminate the information to the Southern lands. Na’Gathgil performs ritual sending Jorr to Sharn.

Party makes bombs in anticipation for attempting to demolish the bridge over Skull Gorge. Party observes – 24 Goblins 2 goblins in each of the four towers – guard changes at noon and a little before sunset 2 hell hounds sleep at opposite ends of the bridge 2 worgs with goblin escort patrols Green dragon appears to be fairly watchful 2-3 times during the day the dragon begins to fly around and then he simply circles and returns to his perch after flying down into the gorge.

We decide to draw the dragon away from the bridge in order to attack him alone. Linarlic and Cardago sit out as bait for the dragon while the rest of the party waits in ambush south along the road. Dragon swoops in and it begins!!!

Cardago plants the battle standard. Candle sprouts wings, flies up and assails the green dragon for 64 damage with a critical hit. Dragon retorts by stunning the entire party minus Na’Gathgil, Puck, or Honeydew…(Oh My). We defeat it handily…

‘Azarr Kul will avenge me’ spits the green dragon as its final breathe seeps past its dying slithering tongue. Azarr Kul = Blue Dragonborn who betrayed Candle and Honeydew at their Monastery…



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