The Epic of Aerth

Game 8

Session VIII: Drider Riding the Red Hands of Mercy

DM…again proclaims Lawful Goodness…we disbelieve!!!

The setting sun draws heavy shadow across the rolling hills, losing the day’s heat with the soft blowing of evening’s breeze. We decide to search the home of the two human victims and perform last rites. We linger no longer than necessary as we suspect more Red Hand Army agents must be lurking near.

We travel a few hours and rest. The evening passes uneventfully and wake to a warm morning. We begin our travels and find that the trail splits. We discuss with Puck, being the resident Dwarf familiar with the mercenaries on the direction we should travel and decide upon the southeast trail and travel until the middle of the afternoon. We stumble upon a road marker as we enter the hills “Hammerfist Swords…next gas 5000 years”.

We crest a hill and see down the other side smoke rising gently from a stone house set within a hill several hundred yards down the road. Littering the road ahead we discover many bodies, only two appear to be dwarves with humans wrapped in clothes as if beggers. We dismount and lead the horses closer, as we approach we quickly discern that the two dwarves died via large sword the other by claws. The humans obviously died from large axe wounds. Na’Gathgil notices that something is crawling underneath the skin of the humans…Linarlic suggests we all step back…Honeydew wants to set them ablaze.

Two more humans wearing filthy rags brandishing large swords attack from the direction of the stone edifice. Candle yells a shout of alarm to the group, “…in coming”. A brief battle ensues and two earthen statue-things appear from behind the party, something drips noxiously from their claws. Along with the earthen statues, a strange grey creature with large claws, looking like a frog, an agent of chaos and destruction carrying disease from the planes below, a grey Slaad. One of the earthen-statues explodes washing the Slaad with a spray of volatile acid who yells our in pain from a lightning bolt form Na’Gathgil. Candle rushes forward slaying one of the generated Slaads from the bellies of the slain humans. Cardago rips one of the generated Slaads in two. After many teleports, the Slaad is eventually destroyed by Cardago’s brutal strike. We handily defeat them.

In the stone house, there are two paintings, several casks of dwarven ale, a small chest (800gp), and a small key and locks the door of the structure. Puck “If we don’t find anyone, then I guess we’ve got a house.”

After several moments, Puck mentions he drank too much ale followed by a comment from Cardago, “I didn’t think that was possible!”. Linarlic then with Na’Gathgil’s aid attempt s heal check identifying that he and Honeydew have been affected by the Slaad’s in some way. They work together in performing Linarlic’s Cure Disease rituals on both of them and they are successfully purged of the blue salad larva gestating in their shoulders (shoulders?).

We travel a ways up the road to find another stone house set in a hill with smoke wisping from a small fire. We knock on the door, show the dwarves within the two portraits, they recognize them as their neighbors and we leave their portraits with them. They breakout the ale and we begin to speak of our adventures and inquire about the surrounding hillside. Jorn tells us about crazy humans from a long dead cult have plagued the dwarven countryside. They also mention kinsman falling ill to the Slaad disease. Othrick Hammerfist, Thane, has called upon the Shining Axe and Hammerfist Companies have been sent to find the cultists responsible for the Slaad infestation. We stay the evening under Jorn’s family’s hospitality and head out the next morning to speak with the Thane in the holds a few miles up the road in the pre-dawn mornings light.

We come to the bungalows leading up to the walled city of the Hammerfist. The drawbridge is down as well as the port cullis. The walls are patrolled by crossbow and axe wielding dwarves and they look as if they are on alert at Hammerhold.

After submitting to a thorough search of your skin to ensure we are not inflected, we are informed that there are several holds such as this dotted across the country side and are escorted in. We are told Bert Skillsmith is in charge of the Hammerfist guard, Ervath Helmbreaker leads the Shining Axes, and the Thane can be found in the middle of town.

We reach the hold and make arrangements to see the Thane or Skillsmith and negotiate our way into the hold. We agree to assist the Thane in searching for the Cultists. Linarlic and Na’Gathgil offer to assist with attempting to heal his daughter who had been infected two days hence. An accord is met. We are able to heal and save the Thanes daughter who is extremely thankful and we receive additional Mystic Salves (500gp) worth. We failed to mention the 6000gp contract as we have now secured their services without the need for payment.

We depart quickly well stocked and fortified by the dwarves and begin our long hard travel deep into the heart of the mountains. After traveling the winding narrow paths we enter a cave depicting burial rites.

Upon entering the cave, Honeydew scouts ahead and comes across a large hairy beast resting upon a pile of bones situated in front of the entrance to the Dwarven Burial Hall. We decide to approach the beast under the cover of a Dark Light spell. WE envelope the Hag in an Eavesersdrop Foil ritual and call her out as her form melts away into that of a blue humanoid. Initiative is rolled. We engage and landshark delivering flowers and pizza comes from around the cave corner. Honeydew slays the blue skinned Oni. A clever plan is devised to handle the landshark…-5 penalty to all defenses compliments of Linarlic, Candle teleports him to Cardago’s Banner, Cardago places himself against the wall expecting to strike it with a pinning strike effectively keeping the beast immobilized and surrounded, all ends with it being bloodied. Then a living ball of fire leaps forth licking the cave walls with searing flame. Cardago fells the Bulette (landshark). Honeydew and Linarlic gang up on the living fire elemental and slay it with 38 and 40 points of damage respectively.

90gp, small garnet, Ritual Scroll Detect Lies, Potion of Healing, Magical Caustic Whetstone. We defeat them handily.

1481xp +120+120

Game 7

Session VII: Mercenaries Carry High Holding Costs

DM ‘briskly’ teas himself as appropriate…GLORIOUS!!!

The Hawkbridge Lions debate how to BEST deliver the 6000gp contract to the mercenary dwarves and back track to the trailing leading south. Honeydew collects tokens and trinkets of the fallen contract guards in order to return it to their families back in Brendell.

After traveling through the hills along the not-so-well traveled trail for several hours, (DM rolls an OH MY result on his encounter dice), we notice Mia is very nervous. Puck offers here ale to calm her nerves.

Late in the after, we come out of the hills and we see a great plain off in the distance and notice a small one-story structure and see some activity out front of appears to be a farm house. One of the humanoids is a much larger than the rest. Honeydew moves forward to sneak and spy. She moves forward to discover two hobgoblins, what appears to be an Ogre , and two humans which are hanging from their arms from the rafters of the front porch.

We quickly decide to split the party and approach in a pincer-esque maneuver in an attempt to keep them from running. Na’Gathgil opens a portal from where Cardago, Puck, and Linarlic charge the two hobgoblins and ogre near the cabin. Honeydew and Candle approach form the other side of the cabin. Cardago and Honeydew killed both Hobgoblins quickly. Then several blue dragon-esque creatures, green-spawned razor fiend (looks like a small green dragon with razors for wings), several dragonborn, and more hobgoblins exit the cabin in an attempt to ensnare the party in a carefully laid trap by the Army of the Red Hand. Linarlic slays the bloodied orge in a fatal thrust to the chest. Just then, Mia, now a Drider with the torso of the red headed Mia, yells out, “They are the ones”. Na’Gathgil strikes the final blow with a magic missile against one of the green dragonborn. Drider Mia turns invisible and presumably leaves the battle. Na’Gathgil strikes the final blow with a magic missile against the hobgoblin who had pursued, yet never hit, since the beginning of the initial attack Cardago slays the Green Razorwing Fiend. Candle, Honeydew, and Linarlic pursue Mia…Candle finds her tracks first followed by Linarlic who notices she has changed her form to that of a humanoid. The rest of the party begins to follow the three of us.

We being to search an open field for her as we feel she is still very close and she pops out of hiding attacks Honeydew. After surrounding her she capitulates and screams for mercy. She provides the following information: Kronin, hobgoblin, Mia reported to as a forward observer. Ghost Lord, Lich is supposedly on the side of the Red Hand Army. We remove her Magic Ring of Protection +1 (+1 item bonus to saving throws) and it goes to Candle, 250gp (Rare Herbs), 50gp (Residum). Emblem is borrowed by Linarlic to learn about his “of the Blood” racial lineage. Mia sent to Grey Elves all wrapped up in a box. EXP 973 +120 for healing two characters in consecutive rounds.

Game 6

Session VI: Advancing Horde Crosses

The DM made Ultra sounds…

Concluding the battle, several goblin riders are seen disappearing back into the wood across the river. We weigh our options: - Go away - Swing behind the army to locate their headquarters - Ghost Lord - Elves in the wood and ruins of Rhest - Travel along the road and fight at Brendall

We choose travel toward where we believe the Elves in the wood can be found.

The Hawkbridge Lions takes a short rest and begins to decide our next move and ultimately concur we should fall back and reassess the forces advancing upon Drellin’s Ferry.

We end up traveling south and reach the town of Terrelton where discover a large contingent of injured refugees being tended by Clerics of Pelor. Many of our group attend injured humans and Linarlic approaches a beautiful red-headed woman surrounded by nine hired champions. Linarlic heals her wounds. She introduces herself as Mia. Linarlic heals her wounds while Honeydew asks questions of her past and interest. We ask Mia and her champions to help with the wounded. Several retort they don’t pick bodies off the ground. Honeydew spits on one of the champions boots, “you have to be paid to be a decent person?”…Champion retorts, “there’s not enough money for that”…he rears back and puts Honeydew on her butt with a swift kick. Without hesitation, Cardago slugs the champion, knocking him to the ground, Honeydew quickly rises and places a victorious foot upon the fallen warrior and snickers.

Cardago speaks diplomatically, and Linarlic follows with, “there is no profit in this fight”. The champions pause…we offer to pay them to load the wounded upon wagons. The fallen Champion rises exclaiming, “you will pay for that tin-man”. Candle quickly retorts, “I suggest you have your buddy stand down or I will, by Kord’s beard, kill him.” Champion challenges Cardago who immediately complies with a left hook but misses. The Champion draws his sword and initiative rolls are made. (Na’Gathgil did not start THIS fight). We engage. Cardago lays the champion upon the ground, Linarlic sheds bright light, Honeydew flanks, Mia wraps up the situation with spiderwebs. Cardago speaks, “Stop struggling and you may leave here with both legs.”

Mia the injured red headed woman, releases the nine champions were apparently hired by her brother to protect her, stating, ‘you are released and may keep what I have paid you. Now leave.” She turns and asks if she can travel with us. She agrees to ride with us and says she owes us (Linarlic) a favor.

Mia Sera Knight, from Frenella, my father was a wealthy merchant, now my brother is charged with the business and believes she needs protection. Honeydew notices she is wearing a magical ring. Mia mentions says it is a protection charm.

Linarlic goes with the Clerics of Pelor to begin healing the injured and eventually the clerics leave with the injured on the wagons. Na’Gathgil begins to unleash magic missiles into the boarded up inn to gain access to the empty inn, common room, store room and three rooms of beds. Cardago looks for a high vantage point from whence to watch the open roads. Candle puts the horse in the stable. We all rest in the closed inn.

We wake the next morn and prepare to leave. Na’Gathgil shares with Mia why and where we are traveling. We take the road into the hills and pass a place where there is a substantial trail that travels south which is almost 10 miles outside of Terrelton. We notice several large figures (ettins) and smaller, screeching creatures (goblins not of the Red Hand Army) picking through two overturned wagons, with two LARGE bears. We dismount and prepare to engage them. Mia launches a magic missile and they become aware of our presence. We defeat them handily. We discover four dead bodies. We discover three iron coffers in the back of one of the wagons obviously traveling in the direction away from Brendal. We find three keys in a sachel and a letter. We break the seal and it is written to Eranth Helmbreaker of the Shining Axe Company of the Hammerfist Holds. Puck states Hammerfists are a mercenary group which could have been reached via the trail leading to the south 10 miles outside of Terrelton: Contract: Come to the defense of Brendal and the gold is payment (roughly 6000gp worth of coin and gems).

EXP 916 +100 for healing two or more characters in consecutive

Game 5

Session V: March of Doom and the Footsteps of Titans

DM advertises Lawful Goodiness…we proceed to disbelieve.

Drawing from our vantage point, looking out along the plain near Cinder Hill where the Amy of the Red Hand (thousands) have mobilized, we see the Dawn Way road that now leads to the un-(a)bridged Skull Gorge framed by the sun setting.

As we begin to settle in for the evening while Cardago is prepared to watch the Army throughout the night. Just then a Red Hand band of 14 hobgoblins accompanied by 7 Dragonborn wearing the symbol of Tiamat marching in loose formation pass by the group, who took shelter hiding in the tall grasses of the hill. During the course of the evening, Cardoga notices several blue dragon-esque creatures fly overhead. Honeydew runs messages and additional shrubbery between Cardago and the rest of the party resting in the tree line. The next morn we move after the Army to determine their march direction. By noon, they are roughly half way to Skull Gorge. ‘Where there’s a whip, there’s a way’, thanks JRR.

All flying creatures move to the opposite side of the gorge and begin ferrying troops across. We estimate the process will take up to three days and scouting parties are sent. Na’Gathgil offers to create a portal allowing the party to quickly cross the gorge to retrieve the horses left at the Forest Giant’s camp, all the while the group deliberates over our next move.

Honeydew, Na’Gathgil, and Puck remain on this side of the gorge making poisons for Honeydew to deliver into the army’s food supply. Tank, Candle, Linarlic, and Cardago run to Drellin’s Ferry. Honeydew brings battle to the –itches behind enemy lines. She finds Kharn, a major leader. She hangs around and finds the Grand Dragon Supreme Commander of the Army of the Red Hand. Hanging around listening to various conversations between timed explosions of laid clockwork explosives and poisoning various food stuffs and wine, Honeydew decides to return to Na’Gathgil and Puck.

The party rendezvous at Drellin’s Ferry to find a majority of the town evacuated. We head for the green Apple Inn and meet up with the Speaker and the Captain of the Militia. We inform the town of the impending army marching their way, we mention they are rebuilding the bridge and will be here in less than three days at most. Traps are set, food is poisoned, and we burn the ferry.

The next morn, Cardago sees a wyvern overhead and we decide to hide within the town and ambush the forces. Na’Gathgil sets various buildings on fire. The advance party appears across the river…two giants, goblins riding dogs and others riding larger dogs, and a wyvern. Wyvern attacks, Puck crushes it. We defeat them handily.


Game 4

Session IV: Ruined Portents of Fortunes Renewal

DM was quickly snipped and deveined.

Party decides to hide the green dragon’s body in the forest nearby. Linarlic performs Gentle Repose on the body and Na’Gathgil binds its wounds in possible preparation for use of Animate Dead.

Candle keeps watch and notices two worg riders leaving the bridge one mile away. Emblem notifies the party by Candle’s order. Party decides to hide in the hopes that Na’Gathgil’s attempt to mask the scent of the dead dragon and the party so that they will pass by. The two riders appear to be the same two who escaped the Keep the previous day. They begin to root around the forest, catch the scent of Na’Gathgil skunk-spell, turn and ride back to the bridge. Party deliberates on the next move and decides to return to within sight of the activity on Skull Gorge Bridge. Candles remarks there appear to be fewer hobgoblins than before the slaying of the dragon.

Party advances from the tree-line engaging the hobgoblins and hell hound guarding The Two Southern Towers of the Skull Gorge Bridge. Candle takes the west southwestern tower. Honeydew, Cardago, and Linarlic charge the main southern entrance. Puck and Na’Gathgil ride the animated green dragon into battle landing in the center of the bridge (Puck quickly realizes the stress point for the bridge where the bomb needs to be placed to bring the bridge and all four towers down into the gorge). Na’Gathgil raises a Stinking Cloud along the northern portion of the bridge, blocking line of sight from the two north entrance towers. Puck sets the charge and yells, ‘Now is a good time to move!’ Party begins their retreat from the expected blast radius of the bomb. Linarlic, Cardago, and Candle all notice a multi-headed creature swooping down toward the bridge from the direction of the northern bridge towers. Na’Gathgil and Puck land the green dragon. (Party rolls 4d10 damage each (5 players = 20d10, totaling 108 damage), knocking everyone not on the bridge off their feet and delivering 6 damage from hitting the ground). The bridge and the four towers slip effortlessly into Skull Gorge followed by screams.

The multi-headed creature is a Chimera…it roars, takes flight, quickly crossing the gorge toward the party. Na’Gathgil orders the animated dead green dragon to engage the chimera just above where the two southern towers were once located. Chimera flies up from the gorge just as Na’Gathgil realizes he’s lost contact with the animated dragon. The Chimera charges Linarlic, knocking him prone, bringing the fight to the party. Candle strikes the final blow against the beast after a mighty battle. We defeat our foes handily.

Still early that morn, we decide to retrieve the horses and return to Drellin’s Ferry along the Dawn Road south. After about an hour of travel, we come across a large 15’ tall human effigy covered in moss with a birds nest standing in the middle of the road marking a trail that crosses the road here running east to west. Candle, nor Honeydew find any recent tracks. We continue south as the sun reached its noon day height…we press on a reach the far shore of Drellin’s Ferry just a few hours before midnight (duhnduhnduhn)…wake the ferryman to cross into town with the horses. We retire to the Green Apple Inn.

The next morning we discuss the situation with the Speaker and Captain of the Guard over breakfast. The decision is made that The Hawkbridge Lion’s will return north to assess the strength of the Red Hand Army. Speaker leaves to retrieve the 500gp apiece for removal of the goblin blockade.

Later that afternoon, we leave Drellin’s Ferry in search of the Forest Giant in the hopes he/she can offer insight into the Red Hand’s movement. We stay the night near the effigy, camped in the woods. The next morning we continue along the trail in search of the Forest Giant. We find a large oversized wooden a structure with dire boar on a spit and we discover he speaks Common. ‘Linarlic offers to alleviate his affliction, he says, ’Come to Warklegnaw.’ Linarlic steps forward leaving his weapons behind. Warklegnaw mentions his clansmen have moved into the hills to the west. He shares his dire boar with us and we begin to converse regarding Cinder Hill and the goblin tribes. He agrees to take us through a secret pass north/northwest of Skull Gorge Bridge. The horses are left at Warklegnaws and we head quickly through low lying hills north to the head waters of Skull Gorge. He shares stories with the party…Rhest was good. Amry Vrath was bad for trying to take over the forests. We arrive north of Skull Gorge Bridge by heading east along the gorge and find the Dawn Way road. We part with Warklegnaw, giving him more poultice for his affliction with some simple instructions…He agrees to warn his clansmen in the nearby hills and will see if they will fight to protect the forests south of Skull Gorge. We crest a far hill and the see the Army of the Red Hand…scarlet dragon, Warforged titan, several goblin/hobgoblin phalanx, MANY worg riders and giants. And they are mobilizing.

Game 3

Session III: The Return of the End, a New Beginning with Blazing Stars

Bruce – (Place Emerald from wagon on someone’s sheet)

We begin to negotiate with the Vrathian Ghost, who turns its attention to putting out the fire…or attempts to as best as an insubstantial being can. ‘I am Amry Vrath. Why did you slay my companions?’, referring to the followers of the Red Hand. Linarlic and Na’Gathgil notice and then dispel the charm placed upon the ghost. ‘I owe you what is kept in my vault’, says Amry Vrath, leading a portion of the party into the tower of the Keep.

In what was a bedroom at the top of the tower, a small shaft with a hidden handle flips up and a dark tunnel leads down with a sturdy rusted ladder. A worked stone room ends at the bottom of the 30’ tunnel. Honeydew secures a rope for everyone’s safety and announces the room below appears safe. Cardago and Candle descend to the room below.

Bluish broach with the white Star of Corellan – Candle and Cardago begin to speak with the broach/medallion…’I am the Emblem and I am at you service’, currently in Candle’s possession. Vrath’s Magic Armor – Darkforge Braidmail +3 (AC+11) Daily/minor action- 6 to all damage until next turn (Puck receives after Na’Gathigil resizes) Vrath’s Magic Sword – Longsword +2 (to Tank for safe keeping) 21 pp, 1287 gp, 982 sp, 322 cp (all counted nicely in steel boxes), 428 gp of arcane components Map of Elsir Vale – red marks written all over map marking days of Red Hand battle plans (Na’Gathgil makes a copy of the map). Jorr marks Forest Giants location on the map.

(6+3pp, 214+3gp, 163+3sp, 53+4cp each)

Interrogated Hobgoblin-Na’Gathgil slays him who mentioned a large Red Hand Horde is north of Skull Gorge. Linarlic performs the death passing ritual for Amry Vrath, returning him to loving breast of the Raven Queen. Na’Gathgil performs a ritual for Honeydew on here weapons exchanging enchantments.

The next morning, Jorr leads the party through woods north of Vrath Keep. The party then argues on whether to enlist the aid of a very old Forest Giant or travel directly to the Skull Gorge Bridge…we circumnavigate the forest giant and move to where we are within one mile of the gorge. We decide to rest.

Sending Jorr to Sharn, via teleportation, with Red Hand Map and a letter from House Sivis signed by myself. The Hawksbridge Lions forward a note to the Prince in Sharn regarding Red Hand Horde and suggests House Sivis disseminate the information to the Southern lands. Na’Gathgil performs ritual sending Jorr to Sharn.

Party makes bombs in anticipation for attempting to demolish the bridge over Skull Gorge. Party observes – 24 Goblins 2 goblins in each of the four towers – guard changes at noon and a little before sunset 2 hell hounds sleep at opposite ends of the bridge 2 worgs with goblin escort patrols Green dragon appears to be fairly watchful 2-3 times during the day the dragon begins to fly around and then he simply circles and returns to his perch after flying down into the gorge.

We decide to draw the dragon away from the bridge in order to attack him alone. Linarlic and Cardago sit out as bait for the dragon while the rest of the party waits in ambush south along the road. Dragon swoops in and it begins!!!

Cardago plants the battle standard. Candle sprouts wings, flies up and assails the green dragon for 64 damage with a critical hit. Dragon retorts by stunning the entire party minus Na’Gathgil, Puck, or Honeydew…(Oh My). We defeat it handily…

‘Azarr Kul will avenge me’ spits the green dragon as its final breathe seeps past its dying slithering tongue. Azarr Kul = Blue Dragonborn who betrayed Candle and Honeydew at their Monastery…

Game 2

Session II: February 14, 2010

Encounter – Cardago (Tank) charges across the bridge, Candle follows as they both quickly move toward the pretty Human female…just then to the left of the wooden bridge a four-headed hydra rears its ugly heads from beneath the murky depths in an attempt to surprise the party. As this occurs the pretty human female façade fades into that of an ugly old Crone…and another ugly female appears behind the party gliding through the bog accompanied by giant frogs….We defeat them handily.

Hag 1- Runs away pursued by Honeydew and Candle, who beheads her after following through the nasty bog Hag 2- Runs away after being bloodied by Linarlic. Na’Gathgil criticals with a Magic Missile delivering 29 damage killing her Hydra- Cardago and Puck slay the Hydra Frog1- slain by Na’Gathgil Frog2- submerged after tasting Honeydew’s crossbow bolts

We search the broken wagon and Tank retrieves the horses that had driven themselves into the bog…6 dead hobgoblins are found under the cart and have apparently been there for a week. Each wears the symbol of the Red Hand. Black Flock Robe +3 (armor)- allows the wearer to turn into a flock of ravens as an Immediate Reaction when hit, 8 squares and become insubstantial (Na’Gathgil) Black Shroud Short Sword +2- when reduce the target to 0 ht points you gain concealment (Honeydew) 6 potions-Spirit, 4xElixirs of Fiery Dragon Breathe, Regeneration (Spirit-Candle; Elixir-Cardago, Na’Gathgilx2, Jorr); Regeneration-???) Coins- 322gp, 310sp, 122cp, emerald (divided amongst party members and Jorr) (46gp, 44+sp, 17+cp)

Continue along the Dawn Way another 5-6 miles…we arrive at Vrath Keep around sunset and just beyond the keep lies Cold Creek. Vrath Keep used to be associated with Drellen’s Ferry (village to the south along the road). A Vrath nobleman, from the town, came after the war and attempted to make a name for himself by engaging the Forest Giants held up in the Keep. It is rumored to be haunted and still under control of Forest Giants. The ghost has been seen by Jorr and mentions it resembles a man with a shield.

We rest for the night and the party decides to approach Vrath Keep to vanquish the undead there in accordance with the Raven Queen’s edicts the next morn. The Keep is four walls surrounding a courtyard with a tower and a ramshackle guard building leading up to the now decaying, collapsed wooden gates.

Approaching the Guard house, Candle notices tracks (large canine/wolves, many mini-booted feet, and hoofed bipedal creatures). Guardhouse appeared to be empty with a wooden floor suspended 1-2 feet above the ground as reported by our brave Honeydew. We begin to approach the keep and map drawing commences.

We enter Vrath Keep. A Hobgoblin exits a nearby door, yelling “INTRUDERS” in Goblin, and is quickly slain by Honeydew from the roof of the opposite building. Many Hobgoblins including a caster, Goblins, a Minotaur, two big dogs, and a Manticore (Oh my).

Na’Gathgil laid down a wall of fire blocking the entrance to another building…and later traps the Goblins and Dogs inside by placing a stinking cloud over the opening of the roof condemning them to a slow death by smoke inhalation.

Candle, levels the Minotaur with a striking blow…as the Minotaur falls, it slashes at Candle inflicting a minor wound…many cow jokes were spoken…’Ground beef’ seemed to be the most appropriate.

Manticore is slain by Cardago in a flying Pinning Maneuver, landing the beast in a column of magical fire, leaving the beast immobilized and char-grilled (immolated).

“Down with you foul giants”, speaks Vrath and teleports ready to attack Na’Gahtgil,who had retreated from the battle to the entrance of the Keep.

‘Vrath, why do you consort with such heathen vermin. We have traveled from Rhest to restore your Keep to your good family’s name. Now that we have found you, help us restore your Keep to its previous glory’, solemnly speaks Linarlic to the ghost in the heat of battle. (23 Diplomacy rolled)

Battle Recap -Two Goblins and their wards escaped. -Negotiating with the Vrathian Ghost. -Hobgoblin taken prisoner….What will it say?

EXP – 1508

Stay tuned for next weeks exciting adventure – Hobgob-Kabobs are Burning or Vrath of the Ghostly Terror

Game 1

El Diablo Blanco is our DM.

History – Hawkesbridge back story – The heroic gesture. Mayor knows Prince Alexander Group receives a Letter of Commission with illusory images of each party member.

Retuned to Sharn. Several events occur leading the party south:

  1. Asked by Viceroy Clement (official to Prince Alexander) asked to head south to investigate goblin activity in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. We agree.
  2. Linarlic, Half-orc Cleric of the Raven Queen, House Sivis – charged with delivering a will to Jorr who resides in the Witchwood north of the town called Drellin’s Ferry. His sister has died and has left some large part of her estate to him. Charged with the legal contract.
  3. Na’Gathgil – dressed well Grey Eladrin, very ceremonious in appearance and explains that it is part of his rank/station. Apprentice in the rank of the High Sorcery and must prove himself in order to gain entrance in to the Order with an arcane book chained to his waist. Looking for an artifact-sword Blackrazor, thought found in Sharn, the collector who had he disappeared…and apparently the sword is moving towards the Wyrmsmoke Mountains.
  4. Cardago ‘Tank’ 50 years old, Warforged, bluish hue to armor with a ‘Spock’ like tendency. Slightly more humanoid face than regular Warforged. 8’ tall carries a large gauntlet and large flaring shoulder piece, two fingers and thumb, clawed feet. Carries a banner with stylized dragonwings and an axe depicted with multiple trophies hanging from the banner and belt. Shawl with white trim and intricate Elven script. Dwarven companion ‘Puck’ Bronzebottom artificer and carries a large hammer. Compass points south.
  5. Candle Wormwood – pale, tall, scrawny for an Elf, sharp angular features, a bit homely and loud obnoxious, enters a trance during battle. Rather nice tunic which is the only armor he has a huge 6’ sword. Bit of a show off, demonstrating his prowess in combat, acrobatics, and is very fast. Tank and I have adventured together for 20-26 years. Avenger of Kord – happy-go-lucky God of battle and athletics. Prejudiced against Dragonborn and followers of Bahmout and will go out of their way to prove them (arm wrestle).
  6. Honeydew Limmerick – tiny even for a Halfling. Extremely ‘thievish’. Whimsical, will steal just to steal. Has known Candle her whole life and treats him as an older Brother and had known Tank for almost ever. Left with Candle and Tank at age 10. Likes to walk on walls.

Rhest, north of the Witchwood, battle during the beginning of the Dragon Wars and sank into the swamp. Most of the Elser Vale was left alone, armies matched through but no major battles were fought in this area. Contingent of Dwarves once lived in the area Giant Shields to the North East and WyvernWatch Mountains to the North West. No true commerce in the area or trade between little cities or hamlets and is today mostly populated by humans.

Session I: The Beginning of the End – Aerth – The final frontier, these are the adventures of the Hawksbridge Lions, a myriad band of brave warriors, seeking riches and new ways of living, boldly going where none have traveled in centuries. Let us watch now…

Mid-summer House Sivis has arranged for passage south on an air ship from Sharn that will fly near Brindol, landing long enough for us to disembark, cutting the trip from several weeks to several days.

Two bridges cross over the Elsera River into the Northern entrance of Brindol. As we enter the city, a silver piece apiece to enter the city. Brindol is a bustling city (pop. 5000-10000)…roughly 100 miles to Drellin’s Ferry two days by horse (5 miles per hour, 50 miles per day average). Party purchases horses for 75gp, Linarlic summons his steed by discharging Steed Summons ritual. Head west along the Dawn Way from Brindol through farmland and pass through the town of Talar and end the first day’s journey in a little hamlet called DemonsGap and stay at the Cross-eyed Beholder Inn.

Day Two – Terrilton, dusty little town that smells bad. Anticipate arriving at Drellin’s Ferry by the end of the day.

Occurrence during the day’s travel along the hard packed dirt – The group crests a small hill with a shallow dell on the other side and notices an abandoned farm (Perception checks made) and several spy the glint of mail and a cry is heard. Goblins (Cleric of Tiamat) and hobgoblins (wearing symbols with red hands painted on them) and fiery dog miniatures. Oh my!!! WE are not surprised (double entendre).

Round 1: L-Hymn of Resurgence -2 defenses and +5 temp HP to all group members, N-fireballed hobgoblins, H-peppered hobgoblins with crossbow bolts killing 3. C-killed a goblin and teleported the corpse and himself to another goblin screaming, ‘You are next’.

Found dead humans and guards at farmhouse up the hill with pouch – 355 gp

Drellin’s Ferry Captain Serona of the city guard/militia – requests the party deal with the blockade of hobgoblins and other monsters on the road to Sharn holding the Skol-Gorge Bridge (Dwarven construction). Agree to dispatch the hobgoblin blockade for 500gp a piece, Old Jorr the woodsman may know something about the bridge fortification.

Vrath Keep – north of Drellin’s Ferry but south of Skol-Gorge Bridge Cross river on ferry…7-8 miles up the road we discover a trail, hopefully leading to Old Jorr and come upon a small cabin. Met Jorr (think Grizzly Adams), delivered letter. Na’Gathgil barters with Jorr to send him to Sharn via a teleport spell. Dogs go loose and offers to show us a more obscure route to the Bridge.

Come to a wooden bridge, something comma, large comma, swims beneath the water, and a rather attractive female human woman in a red cape warns us not to cross the bridge after we’ve already begun crossing. A Hydra!!!



World Creation

(World unfurled…and it is indeed flat with wedged shapes-in-side) 3d6 were selected by all with one dominant Determine Turn order – (In attendance _ Bruce, Zac, Avis, Paul, Chris, Mark) Scale – one side of a square is 50 miles (example was provided: Hamilton Country is roughly 1/4 of a 50 mile square) Brendel and Delovar (???) initial adventure setting, geographically speaking – untouchable Coastline and all other land masses are mutable 1” is four squares End with less than four points per turn earns a bonus of one point for your next turn

Age I Bruce – 9 points – creates mountains along the Eastern map face, creates hills, mountain pass Zac – 5 points – create floating mountains (earth motes), keeps 2 +1 next turn Avis – 6 pts – creates mountains, keeps 3 +1 next turn Paul – 5 pts – creates large crater, keeps 2 +1 next turn Chris – 4 pts – creates inland sea, keeps 1 +1 next turn Mark – 8 pts – creates forest, keeps 2 +1 next turn

Mark – 3 pts – added more trees Chris – 7 pts -finished inland sea with island, added forest Paul – 5 pts – creates mountains feeding both inland sea and crater (waterfall) Avis – 7 pts – mountain climate become very cold Zac – 6 pts – climate earth motes – tropical Bruce – 7 pts – creates mountains and forests

Bruce – 11 pts – bank 11 points Zac – 8 pts – bank Avis – 8 pts – bank Paul – 10 pts – bank Chris – 6 pts – primordial ruins, swamp, peninsula, plains Mark – 7 pts – planted trees

Mark – 10pts – planted trees, more trees Chris – 5 pts – extends plains and forest, added hills Paul – 12pts – creates High Eladrin in desert, created hills and desert north of the crater Avis – 9 pts – creates halflings in mountains Zac – 3pts – banks points Bruce – 9pts – banks points

Bruce – 7 pts – creates humans in nondescript area of world, creates river Zac – 7 pts – creates Warforged in earth motes Avis – 4 pts -hills around mountains Paul – 5 pts – created oasis and more desert Chris – 11 pts – creates subrace of High Eladrin – Elves, more plains and forest Mark – 12 pts – advance Eladrin civilization – Magic, add Order – Mages

Mark – 11 pts – builds a floating city in the air over the oasis, command Order to create the Great Mage Tower Chris – 10 pts – creates forest and plains Paul – 6 pts – create Order within Eladrin society worshiping Avandra – Keeper’s Guild Avis – 4 pts – bank Zac – 11 pts – created Warforged Avatar Bruce -10 pts – expands mountains

Bruce – 7 pts – MORE MOUNTAINS Zac – 9 pts – found city in earth motes (second civilization in the sky), tropical trees along coast near earth motes, Advance City – Techonology-Flight Avis – 5 pts – Advance Civilization – Academy of Lower Learning in mountains (short semesters lots of ADD and Soma medication prescribed) Paul – 7pts – create islands offshore of desert, creates ice-capped mountain, tropical climate within crater Chris – 6 pts – creates mountains and small river dumping into crater, creates plain near mountains Mark – 8pts – Commands Order to create a city within the forest worships Magic deity

Mark – 5 pts – create Eladrin Avatar Chris – 8pts – creates volcano near edge of desert Paul – 10 pts – create Eladrin Avatar of Avandra, Avis – 3 pts – creates hills north of the island Zac – 10 pts – Advance Civilization – Warfare Bruce – 7 pts – creates mountains forests and hills


Bruce – 10 pts – creates Dwarves in mountains, Create Orders Human – Great Church worships Good Pantheon Zac – 3 pts – Create Order – Human Merchant Guild (Gladiatorial Arenas), Command Order (Human Merchants) to build Human/Warforged (called Sharn) Avis – 5 pts – creates Avatar – based fabled Halfling who entered the Eladrin Palace and stole shiney items Paul – 9 pts – Creates city Atlantis-esque, Command City Fleet (Naval Army), Advance civilization – Aquatic, Create Race – Dragons near West coast Chris – 7 pts – Create elven order of forest protectors, Build first elven city in forest near inland sea Mark – 8 pts – built cities – in the big forests to the north, Advance City- War Magic (Forest City)

Mark – 6 pts – Advance forest City I – Healing, Advance Forest City II – Enchantments, War Mage City – Built army of mages Chris – 8 pts – Command City – New Orleans (Elves founded – Center of multicultural trade), Advance Civilization Elves – Nature & Primal Magic Paul – 9 pts – Create subrace – Dragonborn by the Eladrin without consent of Dragons, Create Order – Dragonborn Warrior Caste, Create Order – Smiths (Weapons and Armor) Avis – 9 pts – Catastrophe – Create Dragonborn Army within Eladrin Society Civil War ensues, Create City – Acadmey (hidden in Halfling mountains) Zac – 7 pts – Event – discovers qualities and sources of Adamantiun in earth motes, Create subrace – Formians -slave miners, Create Subrace – Warforged Titans on shore near earth motes Bruce – Humans will expand to hold a great empire in the central plains north of Brendel in plains Orcs invade from great northern forests human (plains) and Eladrin (forest nations)...Warforged joined to combat goblins, limited Titans though due to conflict in west

Goblins between humans and warforged…signifies collapse of human empire

Hill giants (near halfling mountains) battling warforged (titans)

Warforged outposts dot the land throughout the land

Kobolds in the west

Halflings employed in COURTS as anti-terrorism agents, common throughout the world 9and like shinies, value is of no concern)

Age of Dragons – attack civilization including halfling cities too. Halfling mountains become breeding grounds for more dragons. Halflings have been displaced and have become dragon servants

Drow reside within the crater, serve Lloth

Dragonborn take over Eladrin desert. Eladrin displayed to offshore islands. Eladrin’s underwater city was the only city not attacked during the Age of Dragons (High Eladrin). Eladrin Avatar died during the Age of Dragons defending the Eladrin/Dragonborn city during the Age of Dragons, many ruins in desert. Dragonborn and Eladrin are now equals and work together

Half-elves in plains towards east

Gnolls east of crater and central mountain range

Forest Eladrin refused pleas of help from other races (most sophisticated and powerful races), became known as Grey Eladrin. Questionable power source (dead god) infused trees with the soulforce of the god…Magic Order have become less emotional and uncaring, obsessed with only magic. Forest Eladrin race is now seen with disdain and distrust across the land, atheistic in nature.

Humans – Dragonmarks of Eberron (magical tattoos through heredity within humans). Dragonmarked houses are probably some of the only small bastions of nobility of human civilization remaining at the end of the Dragon Wars.

Humans Church of the Silver Flame – worship entity of Silver Flame – Psion of the Silver Flame (Pope), zealous order

Humans can now pilot airships, uniting Warforged and humand races

Age of Dragons ended 26 years ago. Dragons are regrouping after the schism between the Chromatic and Metallic Dragons begin infighting for breeding ground, territory, riches, and resources (food and safety)


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